Tsvetelin Andreev

Hello, my name is Tsvetelin. ‘Tsvete’ means flower (and color) in Bulgarian. Like the flowers I’m colorful – parent, engineer, teacher, musician.

I believe that by spending quality time with my children, teaching, singing, and creating stories together, I am developing as a person while also building a lifelong bond with them, which will serve as a support in difficult moments.

Combining my interest in education with my experience as a programmer, the idea for this project was born. Some of the models and rooms here emerged through the time spent with children.


In addition to being an informal teacher like every parent (since 2012), in recent years I have often taken on a “formal” role as well. I have led several courses for children and parents on programming, virtues, music activities for children and parents, mathematics lessons, and a play and learning group in nature.

In 2015, together with my spouse, we organized a parent cooperative for children in the village of Bistritsa, where most children started to enjoy climbing trees and reading books.

As for my education, I am an IT specialist, an IT and computer science teacher, and an elementary school teacher. I have taken courses in Montessori education, Waldorf pedagogy, constructionism, and communication.

In 2003, I started working as a programmer. In 2006, I became a partner in a software development company and contributed to its development for 10 years (Dreamix). In 2016, I recorded an album and organized over 40 performances in the USA, UK, and Greece with the bagpipe ensemble Kaynak Pipers Band. I taught live and online lessons on playing the kaba gaida (bagpipe) to people from around the world, and I maintained an online bagpipe store. From 2017 to 2019, I focused on educational causes, such as the Virtues School of the Parents Teachers Children Foundation and the Elvena Workshop, and I underwent numerous training programs. Since 2019, I have been working in the IT industry as a freelance programmer, project manager, and software team leader.