Turtle hits the target

The Turtle appears on the screen at a random position. With proper targeting you can make it reach the center of the target. See how good your sight is by telling how much degrees the turtle should turn right and how much turtle steps it needs to go straight.

  1. Tap the green flag.
  2. Move the ‘turn right (degrees)’ and ‘move (turtle steps)’ sliders. Tip: Under the target you have a measure of 30 turtle steps.
  3. Tap GO.

For devices with small screens use the following link and turn on fullscreen mode: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/187111058

Assignment 1

Play the game 10 times and write down your scores. Try another 10 times and see how much better you got. You can send your scores and take part in the rate chart.

Assignment 2

Make the game harder to play. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Make the lines that show the turtle and target directions (the green one and the black one) shorter
  2. Hide the turtle and the lines for 5 seconds after the game starts
  3. Anything you want to make the game more challenging.


  1. Go to https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/187111058/
  2. Tap See Inside.
  3. Modify the code of the program.
  4. Save your game by tapping the Remix button. 

Scratch account registration might be necessary.  

Assignment 3

Modify the game to remember your best scores from 10 games and show it to you anytime you play even when you close and open the game again.

Tip: use a cloud variable.

Assignment 4

Why is a full turn of the circle 360°? Why not any other number like 100 for example as it is with centimeters and cents?

Assignment 5

There are a lot of online resources related to the measure of an angle. Here are two of them:

What additional assignment would you propose to complement the activities?

Notes & Credits

The game Target is published in the book ‘Informatika za nachinaeshi – chast 1 – ili s konstenurkata napred ‘, E Sendove, R. Nikolov, 1989.